Monday, November 10, 2008

And people that far north MUST know something about frozen stuff

I got a little surprise from my buddy in Minnesota today. David, Father of Five sent me a little treat to share with the kids in response to a post I put up last week.

So, thanks to FoF, the kids should get a nice Dr Pepper popsicle tomorrow. If they beat me to the freezer.

And for the record, this is the second Dr Pepper themed package I have received from David. The man knows a good product when he sees it, what can I say. Other than I now have his address in my possession. If you need to taunt, tease, stalk, scare or toilet paper Father of Five's house, just let me know.

Oh yeah, I guess I could say "thank you, David".


Ken said...

When he sends you some MountainDewSicles, send one my way, will ya?

Boss Lady said...

I think I'm gonna eat 'em all while Daddy & the kids sleep tonight!

The Father of Five said...

I should have addressed the box to BossLady!

The Father of Five said...

Oh, and Ken.. Up here - when it looks like MoutianDewCicles - we NEVER touch 'em.

You just never know the origins of yellow snow, or yellow ice!!

Just a word to the wise!!

UrbanVox said...

too cold here for that tho!!! :)
u coming to pimp my blog?????


my so called aunt said...

Are those DP Pops made w/Imperial Pure Cane Sugar?

Wal Mart in La Grange evidently sells them. My co-worker brought some back.

They provided the fuel for some garage cleaning around here.