Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chick this out!

The chicks have been evicted. They are spending their first night outside tonight. I spent the afternoon setting up their overnight cage in my garden shed. This set-up was probably not going to be big enough for the 6 full grown chickens that we started with. But I think it will accommodate 4 very nicely.

For tonight the chicks get a light in the shed. When it is warmer I'll put the light on a timer so that the girls get a nice sleep. Which will hopefully result in happy chickens and that hopefully = more eggs.

I'll try to get some pics of the double-decker chicken cage soon.


Orlund said...

some people in our city are trying to get a hen-friendly by law passed. Apparently we are not allowed to have hens within city limits (unless you have 1 acre of land).

It was actually in this weeks university news paper.

UrbanVox said...

if we had chicks here they'd probably freeze out there... brrr
Me and my brother tried to have some chicks grow when we were kids... one jumped inside an open toiled and drowned... the other one was maiking so much noise at night that my mother put it on the back yard...
the temperature went subzero on that night and in the morning the chick was hard rock frozen...
my brother even composed a song in homage to the dead chicken.
poor thing!