Monday, November 24, 2008

Why is it

that The Boss Lady is off work this week and I am jealous, yet I only have to work like 4 hours this week at the preschool?

In actuality I'll let the wife have the week to bond with the kids.

Which is justSAHDadspeak for I'll be a slug for four days.
Maybe I'll finally finish the annual cleaning of the garage. That I stated last year.


UrbanVox said...

being a slug???

Russ said...

You're jealous because you don't get any days off.

Mike said...

You know Russ, that is what I JOKINGLY told a neighbor and I haven't lived it down with the wife yet.

The Father of Five said...

With four days, you could make it up here - clean MY garage - and make it back home...

I'll send you the garage code, and keys... Beer is in the fridge in the basement.

postulatesandpasttimes said...

Is it jealousy, or resentment? And I only ask that because I know that, before CareerMom too started WFH, when she was off, and I was working from home, I was like, "Hey, you're cuttin' into my quiet time."

Irrational I know, but hey, who said women have the market on irrationality?

Anonymous said...

I just cleaned the garage 2 weeks ago. The bad part was, I was ready to smack some stupid people around that thought I was having a garage sale!
I must of had 50 plus people stop by.
Dammit, it's my junk and I keeping it! I'll sale you an ass kicking real cheap!!!