Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No netz is bad netz

Our internet connection glitched yesterday. It was out most of the afternoon. Our connection has always been a little touchy, but it never stays out for a long time.

I was bad. I plugged the kids into a movie with a Sponge Bob chaser and tried to solve my own dilemma Yeah, I know, leave I.T. to the I.T. professionals.

After the lack of internet access ate up my entire afternoon and I gave up, I called tech support and actually talked to a real human for about an hour to get everything sorted out. And he talked me through getting back online and getting my wireless router configured properly. Which likely was causing all of my intermittent connection problems in the first place.

So here is to Joseph, my new AT&T tech support hero!

1 comment:

orlund said...

That's like me, waist a day "fixing" the problem then read the manual once half the pieces are broken.