Saturday, November 29, 2008

I love my kids, I love my kids (Lather, rinse, repeat)

5:45 AM. In the morning. When the sun is still smart enough to be in bed. And my lovely bride is usually up and getting ready for work... I am sitting on the curb in downwtown Austin, holding a place so that my lovely offspring can get a god view of the Chuy's Children's Parade.

This is the official kickoff to the holiday season for our family, so I come down early every year. I was going to drive Marge down today, but since the heater is not functional I changed my mind at the last minute, and brought my car. Good thing, since someone decided parking along the main street was a bad idea. Had to park a block away and haul stuff down the hill to our best viewing spot EVER!

You may now begin your holiday season.


orlund said...

I thought the holiday season starts off with sleeping in. It's 9:30am and I am debating going back to bed.

The Father of Five said...


Wow.. Don't ask me why, but I never pictured you having a Texas Accent.. It only makes sense that you have one, it's just that you sort of "forget" that folks have regional accents...

My sister has a "bit" of one, but not quite as noticeable!

Ya, you betcha! I shudda figured that one out on my own dont cha know... (Did you ever see Fargo?)

Anonymous said...

Wow that's awesome! You guys have WiFi out there on the street!? Why don't we have stuff like that in Jersey? I have to move.

Mike said...

Orlund - Sleeping in is a great holiday tradition, too. I did that today and skipped church. My body AND soul are both OK with that.

FoF - Accent? Me? Nah. I have been told I could play anywhere from a west Texas redneck to an east Texas hillbilly.

And I hang my head in shame as I admit I have not seen Fargo. Why? Because I am that uncool.

Jen - Yesterday I was able to log in via Starbucks across the street. But there is a city owned wifi cloud that covers downtown, too. I think you have to get a login from the library or something.

ms cute pants said...

LOL Love the title!