Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday update

The AtHomeFamily did not do our civic due diligence today. We did not shop. Sorry if your stocks tank on Monday.

Well, that isn't exactly correct, The Queen Mother and The Boss Lady did battle went to the grocery store. That ate up a couple of hours of their day, but the nice thing is that afterwards the rest of us ate like kings (or at least court jesters).

Later in the day the kids, cousins, Bro and the wives and I headed over to the mall. Still, we did not shop. Instead we bounced.

The mall by us has a bouncer gym. So we walked in the side entrance, bounced, made one quick jaunt to the Disney store and then we bounced back for some more fun. All told we were at the mall less than 3 hours. Even found parking on the front row.

When we got home we ate more. And after that we snacked and had dessert.

So we busted the food budget, but we did not really prop up the economy today. But it sure was awesome hanging out all day with Mom and Dad and my siblings.

Good times.

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