Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yard birds, yard work and football.

I have neglected replacement on a rotten backdoor threshold too long. The Talker and I ran over to the hardware store this morning to get everything we needed to repair the door. Sadly, like most of my long delayed projects, this one took longer to buy supplies for than it took to actually repair.

An hour round trip to the store. Repair finished in less than 45 minutes. Add to that the two years or so I have put off the repair.

The chickens kept me company in the backyard while I worked. The Talker decided it was too cold, so he opted to clean his room instead.

Speaking of The Talker, he is officially over his 'Rooting for the Enemy' phase. Last year he decided that it was fun to cheer for OU football. He gets that from his momma's side of the family. But mainly he did it because it annoyed me. For some reason he has recently come to see the light and is now rooting on UT full-time like dad. Of course, since he roots for the right team, he also gets to drink Dr Pepper with lunch!

For the record, I think he was about to punt across the living room.

And speaking of chickens, one of our Buff Orpington chicks is definitely turning out not to be a Buff Orp. Last week I noticed one of the girls turning a lot darker than the other. It is really obvious now. I have asked on what she might be, but no consensus yet.

One of the tells is that Orps should have white legs. This girl has yellow .

Not the best picture, but the only one I have gotten with both side by side. Not Orp is in the front. You can really see the leg colors.

A college buddy and his family are coming over for the afternoon. I have a bunch of yard work to get through before then. But first, watching a little UT football with the boy.

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fidget said...

hmm i wonder. We ended up with delwares instead of doms in our first shipment b/c they reached into the wrong bin