Friday, November 14, 2008

Nobody home but us chickens

The Boss Lady and the kids went over to a birthday party this afternoon. After substituting in classes all week at the preschool, I was wiped out and decided to bail on the party. So the chicks and I hung out in the front yard, sharing a big ol' Subway sammich.

Chicks V2.0 are now 3 weeks old and they are starting to grow and feather out nicely.

They have lost most of the "cute", though.

The Light Brahmas are feathering out a little faster than the Orpingtons.

This may be the coolest chicken picture ever taken
(by a stay at home dad while sitting in a rocking chair in his front yard).


orlund said...

That last photo is really cool. Egg or meat chickens?

Mike said...

Hopefully eggers. But our last ones ended up being untimely dog food.