Monday, November 17, 2008

Sometimes even The Force needs a screwdriver

Don't ever let this happen to you, OK?

And so long as you are not a Star Wars Lego video game hoarding DVD drive, it shouldn't but just in case, you now have fair warning.

The Talker's game CD was hopelessly stuck in the CD drive attached to my desktop computer. This morning, while cleaning, I found a DVD RW drive I had squirreled away after I removed it from out desktop. The swap was on.

It only took about 10 minutes to get the first drive out, the replacement drive in and everything working smoothly. Yeah for the pack rat!

After I disassembled the drive case and rescued the game CD (Which works fine in the swapped out drive, thankyouverymuch!) I turned over the drive and a mini screwdriver to The Talker. He was hesitant about tearing into it, so I helped him find screws to remove. Once we had broken that sucker down into it's component parts, The Talker wanted to know about each piece. Too bad he had to get his knowledge from me and not from some guy who knows the correct answers.

The highlight came when he discovered a few magnets inside the various motors. He had entertained himself for an hour outside with the magnets and laser remnants.


The Father of Five said...

For boys between the ages of... um... about two (maybe two and a half) and somewhere in their seventies.... A broken bit of doo-hickey, and a screwdriver can be your best friends for HOURS!!!

Anonymous said...

This is one of those moments when you say, "Hold on son, I have to run to the bathroom; but when I get back, I'll tell you all about these parts."

And then you run and get on Wikipedia! Never let 'em see you sweat! They can smell fear!

AMR said...

You could have gone all global poverty on him, too. "See this piece of copper, son? Boys work in scrapyards for pennies a day to find this stuff!"

Ok, that was random. Forgive me.

On a more important note, I'm looking to get Xav a Lego game (Wii). Thoughts on Lego Indiana Jones for a five year old?

Mike said...

Lego Star Wars is AWESOME! Indy Jones Lego is almost as great. We don't have either for the Wii, but we have both for a PS2 and PC.

Either one will win the heart of your boy.

UrbanVox said...

TB's VERY comfortable with dismantling things...
The problem is that the things he's most likely to want to dismantle are the things he's not suposed to like the xbox, or the DVD player (he tried that one once... he had stuck a DVD inside and whated to take it out)...
not the best move!! hehehehe
ah!!! and thanks for the add to your blogroll!
I'm trying to fix mine so it will work more... well... uncivilizedly :)..