Monday, November 03, 2008

We All Live in a Little Rock House
Sung to the tune of Yellow Submarine

This post is in response to Father of Five's Cribs post.

Back when we were teaching the kids our address and all of that emergency information that I never ever thought about as a kid, The Boss Lady came up with a song that wrapped everything up nicely .

I can't remember all of the words, but I do know that if I ever do have a heart attack, the ambulance might be delayed until the second verse.

So welcome to our little rock house. 1500 square feet of homely goodness all wrapped up in rock and vinyl siding. Just enough space for the four of us, a pet or 7 and a 40 year old truck.

I have a firm conviction that one should never bee too far from a place to sit. Therefore we have chairs in the front yard, and more chairs on the porch. And I won't even show you all of the seating choices in the backyard.

And of course, for those young enough, agile enough or who haven't been Trick or Treating at our house, there is always available seating on the rope swing.

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postulatesandpasttimes said...

Love all the rock! Very nice!

I'm with you on the sitting situation. I sit/lay down whenever I get the chance since you never know when you'll be up playing ball, or wrestling with the kids.

Gotta take it when you can get it.