Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween wrap up

Somewhere in all of my excitement about a successful Halloween, I forgot to post any pics of Snow White in her Golden Dress and Jar Jar Binks.

The Boss Lady continued her streak of 7 straight years of making the kid's Halloween costumes. The Jar Jar Binks hat might be the best costume piece yet. But both costumes were awesome.

Also, the kids and I decorated the yard for the first time this year. We make a ghost out of a giant beach ball and a sheet stolen off of The Boss Lady's bed. The ghost was purposely not too scary, but the sheet still sustained major damage before the night was over. Probably should not have used the best sheets...

And now a little gratuitous reminiscence of costumes past:

Tigger 2002

Elmo 2003
For the record, that Jack O Lantern was grown in our garden.

Olivia the Pig and Purple Dragon 2004

Sir Knight and The Princess 2005

Uniqua and Superman 2006

Luke Skywalker, Jedi and Princess Leia 2007


fidget said...

aww! great lookin family there and just a little girly moment here: SQUEEE I love the old Oliva costume!!

Anonymous said...

Gratuitious "Aaaawwwwssss"!

Good pics!

AMR said...

Your kids are beautiful.

And I'm stealing your beach ball ghost idea -- it will grace my yard here in NC next October!

Terry said...

OMG.... The BossLady is awesome in her creative costuming.....But where was your costume??

Mike said...

For the record, Missy, I was wearing the greatest shirt in the history of the universe. And I was giving out booze.