Monday, November 24, 2008

Chicken update

It has been a few days since I posted about the feathered pets. The chicks are almost 5 weeks old now. They are presently ugly as sin, since their feathers are only halfway in. But they are also a lot of fun. The Princess is getting lots of great exercise trying to tame these wild beasts.

Our first flock was really calm and easy going. These girls are a lot more flighty and timid around all of us. But I think I am winning them over.

A few days ago it was canned corn, leftovers from a stew I made. Then yesterday it was steamed rice, leftovers from the kid's dinner plates. Today, cracked corn, from the grocery store. Throw in all of the stale bread I have been able to round up in the last few days, and these are some happy and (getting) fat girls.

Two of the the girls have names. Not Orp turned out not to be a Buff Orpington. And Itty Bitty, the actual Buff Orpington, is way smaller than any of the other birds in this or the last flock.

Names for the Light Brahmas will come to us later.

Check out our chicken run movie. Not Orp had a bug. The rest of the crew were in hot pursuit. Including Kodak the Great Pyrenees dog.


orlund said...

Never knew dinner could run so fast. Nice dog.

UrbanVox said...

loved the Vid!!!
that a labrador???

Anonymous said...

mmmmm kfc!!

-damian crowley