Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy chicken stew day!

Everybody does a nice Thanksgiving lunch. But hardly anyone knows how to finish up the day properly.

Luckily I am married to one of the people in the know. It is all about the chicken stew.

See, we do a big family reunion at lunchtime on Thanksgiving, cousins, aunts, uncles, several generations. But the real fun comes at AtHomeFamily Land, after lunch.

That is when The Queen Mother and Dad come over along with my siblings (and one who might or might not be a sibling- My So Called Aunt) and all of their families. 20 people hanging out, watching The Cowboys whip the Seahawks and then The Longhorns beat up on a bunch of poor Aggies.

The best part of the day? The gloating after the big win. The Aggies around here will have a lot to live down.

Second best? The chicken stew that has been cooking all day long. The Boss Lady and the kids worked on the stew for several hours this morning. It cooked all day. The super-duper sized stock pot is almost overflowing.

I skipped my usual chicken stew pre-meal sampling tonight. The pot was already in the refrigerator before I got to the kitchen. But please do not worry, I'll be the first in line, right after I finish eating some turkey.


orlund said...

Never had chicken stew could you post a the recipe or is it a secret. If you can't post it then I will have to settle for second best and Google a recipe.

Mike said...

I will have to ask the wife's permission, first.

I mainly just act as quality control

The Father of Five said...

Mmmm... Chicken Stew sounds yummy - The Mother of five just made home-made chicken SOUP (with big noodles, chunky veggies, etc) that I imagine is similar to Chicken Stew... I loves me some home-made soups! Split Pea is my all time favorite!!!

But - Sammiches... Mmmm... Left-over turkey sammiches!! That is the best part of Thanksgiving - the sammies!!

Dang, now I am drooling like Homer Simpson...

Off to work to make sure the fools that choke on their Thanksgiving Dinner live to see another one!!

Mike - I hope you and yours have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we had the leftovers this afternoon, and now are at a loss as to what to cook for "the family" tonight.

Me...Protein Shakes anyone?

boss said...

Hopkin County Stew, to be exact. This year's version, 10 pounds chicken breast, boiled. Add industrial sized crushed tomatoes. Add 5 pounds of carrot chunks and 6 giant onions. Talker did a great job peeling carrots! After the boil gets rollin, add 10 punds of taters. After another hour, add 4 cans of whole kernel corn. I can't divulge the secret ingredients, but if the recipe's just right, you cry and have clear sinuses for days.

Mike said...

And my sinuses are clear, gentlemen!