Wednesday, May 11, 2005

AtHomeDaddy and Son, Treehouse Builders

The Talker has been dreaming of a treehouse. Sadly, the only tree we have that is worthy of a treehouse is in the front yard. That would not automatically stop us from building a treehouse, but it was severely damaged in a storm a few years ago.

Before that, it was treehouse perfect, Now, I don't want to stress the tree anymore, so there is only a disc swing in the remaining half-an-oak-tree.

Besides, the kids have a fort, a play deck/stage on the side retaining wall and a playscape, complete with a huge elevated deck. But none of that matters. During The Princess' naptime, we got busy building a treehouse.

Technically it is a house beside a tree. OK, truthfully, I took the abandoned compost bin that I built four years ago and added a roof and a floor. Complete it with a small potted tree sitting in front, adding some secrecy and we have an almost instant treehouse.

The Talker helped hammer in the roof and floor. He is very proud of his treehouse. He must be a better carpenter than me. Let's hope... He jeered me when I bent a nail on the floor. "Here Daddy, try that one again..."


Anonymous said...

There's something about tree houses... At least the Talker gets one before he hits double digits. All of my tree-house building energy was sapped by working on our old house, fortunately BK's mom got her act together and he finally, at the ripe old age of 11, has a tree house... Sounds like yours is just what the Talker wants!

Rick said...

Remember the tree-less tree house we had in the back yard on Ann Lois?