Monday, May 09, 2005

We are Here

No, AtHomeDaddy did not fall into Matagorda Bay and float away. Not that I did not think about trying it a few times...

Just nothing exciting to report. Everyone is finally healthy. Now we just need to get the sleep schedule back in order. The kids have started waking up at 6:15 AM. Not good. AtHomeDaddy needs him some sleep.

The fishing was less than thrilling this trip. Not that I gave up. I landed five fish on Thursday night. Kept two speckled seatrout, one was 16 inches long and the other was almost 26 inches long. Cool! The state limits keepers to 15" - 25", but you can take one larger speck per day. It is always a big thrill to catch an oversized fish, regardless of species. I also threw back a stingray, that someone had already cut the tail off, and a couple of small hardhead catfish. We will be dining on the specks one night this week.

The rest of the weekend, the fish won, except that big flounder that was on my dinner plate at the restaurant. The family had a good time cruising the sea wall and checking out the playgrounds in town. All in all, a good trip.

Except for the drive home, that is... Let's just call it The Talker's ride from Hell. I would give details, but The Boss Lady and I have vowed to never speak of the drive again.

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