Thursday, May 19, 2005

Right Back at Ya, Kid

The Talker is a good napper, still. Three and a half years old and some days he takes a three or four hour nap in the afternoon. Always, at least two hours. After he finally settles down.

Yesterday afternoon, I was trying to get him to calm down and take his nap. I lay down beside him and just listened, while he chatted and wiggled. I was getting tired and started thinking he might not nap. But just when I was most frustrated, he busted out with a gem.

"Daddy, your name is Mike."


"Daddy Mike, you are my favorite guy. Good night. Good Night to my favorite guy, Daddy."

So he was off the hook and I got up, before I fell asleep. Once I was gone, he fell asleep quickly and napped until The Boss Lady got home.


Chip said...

What a great kid you've got! Takes long naps and appreciates old daddy too!

Noir Muse said...

That's so freaking cute!

Sometimes I get so worried about having children. I've never tried parenting before and I don't know how I'll do at it, you know. I keep having this vision of my Kid, hands on hips, declaring "I hate you." Nightmares.

This post is just the kind of thing I am hoping will happen for me one day.