Tuesday, May 17, 2005

AtHomeDaddy, Productive Member of Society

That is what my new business card will read.

As of this evening, AtHomeDaddy is going back to work. Oh, don't worry, I'll still be home all day loafing around in my pajamas and eating all of the kids snacks, while they watch endless hours of television. But I am going to pick up a few hours at my old job.

Actually, it won't be exactly my old job. I am going in to help with some software that I used to know how to run. But that was almost three years ago. Don't know how much help I will really be, but they pay by the hour. So it will take me a few evenings to figure out the software again. Let's call it 'Paid Training'.

I will also have to manage the other stuff that pops up around a recreation center. Phone calls, customer concerns, trying to keep the scheduled activities on track. This is a lot of what I used to do, except I was usually there during the busiest part of the day. Now, I'll be there after between 6 and 10, a few nights a week. And I might be the only one around at times.

Let's see? Paid by the hour to sit at a computer in an almost empty building? With silence all around? Yeah buddy, sign me up for a couple of extra shifts...

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