Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Park Run

The kids and I went to a park hang with a bunch of Stay at home dads this morning. We were trying to beat morning naptime, so we got there early. Lots of moms were milling about after a Strollercise class. The lone dad with two kids must have scared them a little. Several moms were hovering near The Princess, because she was climbing all over the playscape

Then they started looking all over the park like they were searching for someone. Ooops, it was me. One of the moms picked up The Princess and brought her to the largest group of dads. "Anyone's kid?"

I could not help but answer "Yep, someone's..."

Turns out they were worried because no one was standing right with the baby while she was climbing. She could have fallen

But she hadn't.

After the mommy huffed off, The Princess went right back to her climbing expedition and I tried to make it more obvious that I was watching her. She then proceeded to fall of of the playscape! Twice.

Ooops, guess I shouldn't have been watching.


KC said...

I've seen plenty of moms ignore kids who really need supervision, but I agree that the trend is for moms to hover and worry about any man nearby who may be a perv.

Anonymous said...

AHD, you're doing the right thing, these moms are the ones with problems, however well intentioned they may be... It's great there are other SAHD's around though!