Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mission Accomplished

The grocery store that we shop at 99% of the time has a kid's program. When the kids shop with you, they get to collect points from a crane game. They can save the points for free snacks and small stuff like toothbrushes that they get at the store, or they can save for bigger items like beach towels and t shirts. For these they mail in the points. Just yesterday, The Talker mailed in 150 points for a blue visor.

The Talker got a little stuffed dog a couple of weeks ago for 20 points. He asked me last week if The Princess could have one also. No Problem. We have a bowl in the kitchen with several hundred points, waiting for something cool.

Turns out, these dogs are the most popular beagles in town. We tried two stores yesterday. Both were out of dogs. So we got free cereal with those points. This morning, we had to make a milk run. For all of that cereal. So we hit another store.

As I am buying the milk, I realize I left the point stickers at home. Luckily, they put points on the store brand kid's snacks, too. So we buy two boxes of crackers, to get enough points. Silly? Yes, but we hardly ever come to this store.

Then we headed over to the customer service desk, where they have the Max beagles in stock! Yeah for sister! On the way out of the store, we collected 5 more points out of the crane game. Yeah for us!

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