Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Blog or get off the pot

Not much time for blogging lately. The Princess was sick Thursday afternoon, until Friday evening. The Talker took over late Friday night. The Boss Lady and I both felt awful Saturday evening. I felt OK Sunday. The Boss Lady is just getting back to normal today. I started feeling bad again last night. Hopefully I'll be over it in 24 hours, like the ladies of the house.

And The Talker is still down for the count. I don't think he has ever been sick four days in a row.

Except the first week of his life. He was being watched very closely for jaundice. He had blood tests daily and got to sleep inside of a lightbox with eye protection glued to his face. Now THAT was a heck of a way to say Welcome to the family!

At least the stomach flu does not require anyone to glue something to your face.

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