Saturday, May 28, 2005

Graduation, Maturation, Consternation and Headache-ization

It's been a busy week around here. Highlights:

Beautiful's High School graduation ceremony. Very cool getting to hang with the family and it was cool getting to see her cruising across the stage. Though I feared for the ROTC boy that escorted her, good thing Lil' Sarge was really cute or he might have gotten a swift kick in the medals. The popcorn was stale, though.

Of course, sitting there, I really felt old. After my high school graduation, I came down for a visit and sat with Beautiful in an wingback chair through naptime. Somewhere in all of this clutter there is a great picture of that moment. Now, I don't think she naps anymore, and I think their cat finally finished off the blue wingback.

I am going on my third day straight of a migrane, so everyone is in a great mood around here. The princess has the right idea, she is napping the morning away. The Talker is playing with playdough and The Boss Lady is starting her Memorial Day weekend with a laundry folding festival.

Me? I am trying to remember where the BB gun is, so I can shoot out all of the lightbulbs in this house. Whose idea was it to put 300 watts of halogen glow in the dining room anyways?

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sparkydiva said...

poor you have migraine meds? if you do...take them and an anti-inflammatory at the same time (aleve is a good over-the-counter one), and its easier to kick that sucker out of your head...(i work in neurology...and i'm a migraine patient, too!)

hope you feel better soon!