Wednesday, May 04, 2005

ER Runs for Fun

Believe me, I thought of lots of worse titles, but NONE anymore acceptable...

The Talker got to take his first trip to the Emergency Room last night. He was finally getting dehydrated. He held out pretty good, considering he has been sick since Friday night. He went almost all day Tuesday without eating or drinking.

So, after it was all over, he did not get:

Any shots
Any catheters
Any IVs
Any suckers
Any X rays
Any milk since Friday afternoon
Any eye shields glued to his face
Any stickers

He did get:

A medication for nausea
To pretend the doctor did not really exist
To see a helicopter
A blue PowerAde
To stay up until 1:15 am
To sleep until 9:00 am

And best of all - The ER doctor told him that he would make "an excellent POW. Because The Talker would NEVER cooperate with the enemy."


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. I have a son that if he is not talking, he is making some kind of noise. Even when he sleeps, he makes little noises. Its going to be fun when he finally gets in school....if they will accept him.

Celia said...

No higher words of praise for a child, eh??! LOL. What a great kid.