Friday, May 13, 2005

Fireworks, Baseballs and Christmas Trees

The AtHomeFam went to the baseball game tonight, to watch the Round Rock Express get some revenge for last night's loss.

On the way to the game, The Talker was reminding us about his new favorite player, The Tacoma catcher. I blogged about him last night.

The Talker told us that "The catcher is nice, he gave me a ball. Tonight the catcher is gonna throw me a Christmas tree and toys. Daddy, you are gonna help me catch it and carry it home." I did not even know what to think about this revelation. But I was ducking and watching for hurled pine trees all night.

And after the game, when the fireworks were done, The Talker asked us "Where's my tree? I liked the fireworks, they were messy and I ate them all up."


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