Monday, May 16, 2005

Sleepy Time

The AtHomeFamily are a bunch of weird sleepers. Actually, The Princess and I are the weirdest ones. The others like to sleep. A LOT.

This week she started waking up between 6:15 AM and 6:45AM. She still takes two naps a day and BELIEVE me, I am not complaining about that. But she is waking up early and taking her first nap earlier, too. Today, she was back in the bed before 9:30. And still down. Probably will be for an hour more. And then back down at 1:30 for the afternoon nap.

Me? I just end up staying awake until 1 AM most nights. It is when the house is quiet and I likes me some quiet with the stereo playing. It should not surprise me that I am tired at 6:45 when the kids start getting up. But it does. Every morning.

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