Monday, January 22, 2007

The $700 baggie

We got our Disney World tickets in the mail this afternoon. They arrived inside a padded envelope, in a sealed plastic bag.

The bag had a warning label on it, stating something to the effect that "once you open the bag, there are no exchanges, swaps, take-backs, do-overs or returns. So check your damn tix carefully". That is the label, boxed in red.

Anyways, it made for an exciting couple of minutes tonight. After all, unless you are addicted to crack, when else do you get to rip open a baggie worth $700?


Long Island Dad said...

It's beautiful... just beautiful! *tears*

Angel said...

I remember when our tickets arrived. Excitement. Ours must have been made by a famous designer like versace or something because ours was worth $1500.00 oh wait, that included airfare. LOL We didn't brave the drive. Heck it took 13 hours to get to Atlanta from here by car and I think I lost a good bit of my sanity doing that.