Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another piece of the AtHomeDaddy puzzle falls into place

Didyaknow that I can sew?

Stop laughing. A sewing machine is a power tool! It is loud and you can make yourself bleed if you are not careful, so it is manly enough for me. Besides, I am not very good at it. That makes it a little more OK, right?

So this evening The Princess wanted a new toy. She asked me a couple of times for "a new pink mice". I told her we would think about how to make a mouse on Monday.

Then The Boss Lady remembered some leftover pink fabric from the Uniqua Halloween costume. And I remembered the basic design of a little stuffed mouse that I had when I was little.

I was just going to make a quick pattern, I swear.

But The Boss Lady has been making curtains for her office and the sewing machine was already out on the dining table. next thing I knew, I was finishing up by sewing the ears, and my finger, on to the pretty fuzzy pink mouse.

I guess the kids and I will have to find some other critters to stitch up tomorrow.


Angel said...

That is awesome!! And you should be proud that you are multi-talented. That is great! I'm always proud that I can do light construction so you should be proud you can sew. Equal opportunity stuff....

And you remind me that #1 I have drapes to finish and #2 I have pillows to make for my kids (including my daughters barbie dolls. *sigh*)

Working Gal said...

It is absolutely a power tool - even when you make a pink "mice" with it. I know I have never figured out how to work a sewing machine!

Maybe next you could order one of those Bedazzlers! By your definition - also a power tool (in that you could hurt yourself - not sure how loud it is).

Mike said...

Angel, Yeah I can sew, but I never seem to get my own pants hemmed. Oh well.

Working Gal, I should look into a bedazzler. I bet you could leave a permanent scare with one of those.

I could bedazzle the heck outta the wife's new curtains for her office.We could do a show, Pimp the Pincipal's Office!

Angel said...

I'm still learning to hem my pants too and pants never fit me. Shorts and petites aren't short enough for me!!

And I had to LOL at the pimp and the principal's office. OMG... You got my erotica writing mind going but I'll bite my tongue.. hee hee.

Long Island Dad said...

A sewing machine is considered a power tool. Build a shelf... sew a mouse, all in a day's work!

Terry said...

My favorite power tool is the blender!! Lots of noise and you can hurt yourself if you drink enough margaritas!!!