Saturday, January 27, 2007

Break time!

The Talker and I were cleaning up our tools from the rock wall project, and we decided to take a break. And who happened to come walking down the street? A girl scout. Not my usual dealer, but she had a full stock, none the less.

So we macked down on some Girl Scout Cookies with The Princess, while The Boss Lady was across the street.

Less than an hour later the whole family went for a walk. Had to go right past My Dealer's house. NO sign of her, but her mom was out on the sidewalk pushing into buying some more of the good stuff. We managed to walk by without pulling out the wallet. See, I do have a little self control. Very little.

Total purchase this season, 6 boxes. And three weeks to go in cookie season.

OK, the rest of the story. Right after I posted this, I was trying to be nice to the family. They were down the street playing, so I was going to drive down in the truck and pick them up. Problem was My Dealer was out this time. I got stopped and had to admit to all of my recent cookie purchases to the wife. Then The Talker ratted me out. Told My Dealer that another girl was selling cookies at our house.

Now My Dealer knows that I was doing business with another pusher. And I am a little worried that she'll slash my tires tonight while I sleep off the cookie stupor from my ill gotten goods.

Moral of the story, don't go behind your dealer's back. And NEVER be nice to the family, it just leads to trouble.


Long Island Dad said...

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem...

When you wake up in a cold sweat with Thin Mint crumbs all around it's time to check yourself in... 3 weeks at Cookie Craver's Anonymous ought to do it!

Mike said...

Yeah, that's what Feb 24 is for.

I just found out cookie sales end on the 23rd.

I promise I'll clean up my act then.

Angel L. said...

I find this whole line of posting hysterical.

Terry said...

I can still hook you up on some spring time arrivals.. What is your poison?? Just saying, in case the withdrawals are too much to bear>

Mike said...

Terry, you have a death with for me? I am not messing with another dealer again.

At least not until the 23rd. After thatmine will be out of stock for another year.