Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My favorite time of the year

Some people like Christmas. My wife likes Thanksgiving Day. Me? I like the month of Girl Scout cookies sales.

I have been known to buy whole cases of Thin Mints or Carmel Delights. Sunday evening I bought four boxes from our 5th grade neighbor, whom I will from now on refer to as My Dealer. Two boxes are already gone. One is in the freezer. And I just opened the last. Almost time to get another hookup.

I guess my reputation has grown. Yesterday afternoon My Dealer stopped me as I was driving past her house. "Did you like the cookies? Do you need some more, yet? It's just between you and me, OK. I won't tell your wife, I promise."

What a nice little pusher she is.


Ally Bean said...

Yum. Girl Scouts haven't hit our house yet. It's only a matter of time as they know that I always like to score a few boxes.

Mike said...

You got me wondering something.

Do they rotate the sales around the country at different times of the year? 'Cause if so, I could see myself becoming a cookie follower.

Kind of a Dead Head/ Phish Phan type of thing, drifting from one sales region to the next.

Angel said...

ohhhh that is so funny! Thin mints and Somoas baby!!!

People who buy my baked goods call me a pusher. LOL

That was a funny post.

Lucy said...

haha it is true that we get "hooked" on favorite foods. I also love those caramel delights, but the ones I can't even buy or have in the house are the peanut butter.... Just toooo good.

Rick said...

I like the thin mints also. I have never heard of a caramel delight, but I do love caramel. Hook me up.

It seems like they sell them more than once a year here. Could that be possible.

If only the first one was free. Gotta score me some cookies.

Long Island Dad said...

With your newly discovered sewing talent I say you should consider being a troop leader for GSA. Use the princess to open the door... then have access to all the order sheets you want! Just a thought!

Mike said...

Actually, the neighborhood dealer WAS walking around with a box of cookies opened. Free samples were sure to hook me on a new flavor of cookie.

LID - You is a smarterer man than is I. I bet you could be swimming in cookies if you wanted.

Terry said...

You are all weak!!

My dealers dont get started for a few more weeks!! Shall I try to score for you??