Friday, January 19, 2007

Another man's trash is AtHomeDaddy's theology

God is a woman. I am pretty sure of this since She laughed off junkin' season. If you don't know about junkin,' read the primer, here.

Everything was in line for a perfect junkin'. Neighbors in the throes of spring cleaning would surely be setting out some great stuff. The Truck is sporting a finished paint job and new spark plugs and rear end oil. Racecar Man and I had a great plan going.

But the neighbors all decided not to set out the good stuff until the Sunday night. Pick up was starting in less than 12 hours and there were hardly any piles out. It wasn't that big of a deal, Racecar Man and I could surely modify a perfect plan down to a good plan. Late Sunday night junkin'. It still sounded pretty good to me.

And the rain came down. Sunday night was a wash.

And the rain came down. Some more. No early morning run, even though it was a holiday and good junk was certainly piling up all over the neighborhood. The truck has no windshield wipers. (Hey it's almost 40 years old. See if you can still run a load of junk when you are 40...) And the wife would not let me have her car for some water logged treasure hunting.

And then the ice came down. And some more. And more. Two days and a half days of being iced in. Right when junkin' season should be in full swing.

Yesterday afternoon the trucks cleared the neighborhood. It didn't take long since most of the neighborhood did not set anything out this time. Junkin' season is now closed. Jesus wept.

And my wife and God are laughing at my total lack of new treasures. Silly women, there is always next season. The piles should be HUGE in six more months!


Long Island Dad said...

Sorry Mike, I know you and Racecar Man must be so bummed. Damn weather! Mother Nature's definitely a women, and she has no sense of humor whatsoever!

Terry said...

Marge is looking good!!

Sorry about the junkin delay, but I have several boxes of treasure I could send your way.. He who has the most treasure wins... *hee hee*

Mike said...

LID - It's a bummer, but what can you do. Mother Nature, can't live with her, can't go fishing without her...

Terry, bring on the junk. I loves me some junk.

Angel said...

Sorry you couldn't go junkin' but... why is God a woman? *feeling bashed* LOL.

Seriously, though, sorry your perfect and good plan were shot to heck and back.