Sunday, January 07, 2007

A positive self image is a good thing...

The Talker was playing on the mini trampoline yesterday before dinner. He was showing off some new "stunts", mainly jumping while turning circles with his whole body.

When he finally got dizzy enough to stop, he jumped off the trampoline, spun once more on the floor and then proclaimed, "WOW! I am AMAZING!"

That's my boy. No one else may be impressed, but we really wow ourselves a lot.


Long Island Dad said...

Nothing like a "captive" audience that you happen to be related to -- go him!He is AMAZING!

Angel said...

That is awesome! Good for him! Good for you Dad! Positive self images is a good pillar as they grow (at least I think so.) My kids are steeped in positive self image.

My kids are always saying how smart they are. LOL

Keep up the great work AHD!!

MyBestInvest said...

Great blog. Keep it up!

It's funny to take that kind of innocent enthusiasm and try to imagine yourself saying those same types of things in the adult world.

I think you can only get away with that in the NBA or NFL.

cheex said...

That's really great!

PS-Love your blog!