Monday, January 29, 2007

Just never call me late for snack, OK Daddy?

This past week The Talker decided that he was putting an stop to the madness. No more nick names for him. "Just call me by my name, OK Daddy"?

He has lots of nicknames. Boy. Bro. Flash. Champ. Killer. Man. DudeMonster. Speedy. Stinky. Dash. Grumpy. Speed. They all get used pretty frequently. Just depends on the context. Some of these get used for his sister, too. But mainly she is Girl or Girlfriend.

Anyways, it went down something like this.

"Daddy, quit calling me Bro.
Why, Champ?

Cause it's not my name. And neither is Champ, OK Daddy?
Well I have to call you something.

How about you just call me by my name, OK Daddy? 'Cause that's what they named me.
Sounds simple enough, DudeMonster. And besides. I am They. I picked your name for you.

See? That wasn't so hard, was it?
But I called you DudeMonster?!?!

Yeah. But I think I like that name. Why didn't you just pick DudeMonster for my name?"


Ally Bean said...

Good question. Why didn't you pick DudeMonster for his name? It'd be perfect for his virtual identity as well as most memorable in the workplace.

Angel L. said...

LOL funny. Dude monster! That is so cute. My son still laughs that I called him 'kicky monster' when he was in my tummy. But the boy could kick! Hard! He finds that funny. I didn't. Once I told him 'don't make me come in there!' Yeah, weird pregnant lady then. LOL

Is it the dude part or the monster part he likes I wonder?

Mike said...

Ally - There are lots of days that it would have been the best name for him. But even more days that it fits his sister.

Angel l. - He is just too cool to clue me in on WHY he likes it. And when I figure out why he does, the boy won't like DudeMonster anymore...

C'est la whatever

Long Island Dad said...

DudeMonster is a really cool daredevil name, don't ya think? Maybe that's it... looks good on t-shirts. That Talker always lookin' for the angle!

Working Gal said...

This reminds me of when my son was about 3, and really into spider man. My mom (his Nana) called spider man "Spidey" as in "Ooh, cool, Brandon - Spidey's on your shirt!". He very promptly corrected her that his name is Spider MAN!!!

grace said...

I did this exact thing with MY parents when I was 4 years old. They called me "Punky" or by my middle name. I told them to call me by my FIRST name or else I wouldn't answer them.

Terry said...

I would have given anything to have a cool nickname like DudeMonster!! But noooooo, I had to be called Fuzzball!!!!