Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Blue enough for you?

The Boss Lady likes it. I like it. Which should really go without saying, since it makes the wife happy...

In this picture you can see a hint of the kitchen floors that I started working on before The Talker was born.
He is almost five.
They are still not finished.

In this picture you can see a hint of the front hall and a little of the front door.
I installed it a year ago.
It still needs inside trim and paint.

In this picture you can see more blue.
I framed the flag AND stained the computer cabinet.
And I got both things finished in less than a year.
(OK, maybe it took two...)


KC said...

Floor still not finished! Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

That is a familier looking blue. Could that be "Denim"? That looks like the blue in the son's room! I really need to come see it soon...Now when I visit, can I help with the floors?

Mike said...

You stay the hell away from my floors, KB. If they ever get finished, the wife will have to find something else to gripe about. And none of us wants that.

Rick said...

Did you use the same blue as you used on Marge?

Mike said...

You know, now that you mention it, they are close enough that I could probably touch up the truck with a little wall paint and no one would notice.