Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's MY Birthday, NOT YOURS!

Today is The Talker's 5th birthday. It also happens to my brother's 40th birthday and one of my first cousin's 38th. None of that really matters to our little man, though.

Last night, we were talking about it in the car and he told us, "NO! My uncle and cousin can wait to have birthdays next year. This is MY birthday!"

So Bro, I guess you can hold at 39 for another year. The Talker's gift to you.


Long Island Dad said...

The Helper and The Big Sister both share the same birthday, though, more than a couple years apart. She has no problem with it, but he can't seem to wrap his little head around the idea. He still thinks Santa spends all year making his toys only. Who am I to crush his fantasies - sometimes that all we have! LOL!

Terry said...

What a great idea!! I need to find someone who shares my birthday so I can stay "on hold" myself..

Angel said...

Wow, the helper and the talker both had b-days around the same time. That is totally cool. What else is cool is that the helper and sister share a b-day.

Happy belated b-day talker!! I hope he had a fantastic day! (and the rest of your family sharing the same day. LOL)

Angel said...

My b-day was the same day as my great-grandmother's b-day. That's how I got my name. My dad told her (much to my mom's dismay) if this baby is born on your birthday and is a girl we'll name her after you (Angela.) My mom was so upset. My dad said, "What are the odds?" I must have heard it and liked the name because waaaalaah! Same day. *chuckle* I like my name, so there mom! hee hee.

Rick said...

"Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine." The seagulls in Finding Nemo.