Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jump In!

Tonight we attended a YMCA family night event. We thought they were just throwing the doors open to the pool and gym and letting families play. Turns out they had something else in mind, but we still had a blast.

The new Disney Channel movie, Jump In! was showing on the big screen. It was a nice family movie about a teen aged boy who gives up boxing to join a double dutch jump rope team of girls.

The Talker shadow boxed along with the fight scenes and both kids jumped their hearts out during the jump rope scenes. They were in heaven when three teenagers did a live demonstration of competitive jump rope and double dutch. Later, all the kids ngot brand new jump ropes and we all tried them out in the gym.

The absolute highlight of the night came when The Talker took his turn trying to double dutch. He had two turns and made a few jumps with the teenage team members turning the ropes. Then, when they told him it was the next kid's turn he looked totally serious. I did not hear what he said to them, but they gave him one more chance.

When the ropes started turning he jumped and then dropped to his hands and tried to pull off a mule kick, like he had seen several times in the movie. (It also happens to be his best break dance move!) He got his feet up, but the ropes tangled on his hands.

The parents and staff all laughed and cheered. The teens turning the ropes were stunned. We were all cracking up. The Talker just walked off real cool and calm.

I guess when you are a cool dude master double dutch jumper you don't need the crowd to tell you how great you are. You just know it in your jumpy little soul.


Long Island Dad said...

That Talker... he's my IDOL!

MyBestInvest said...

I'm more than a little shocked that Disney has turned my life story into a film without telling me.

Angel L. said...

That is a GREAT story! It made me chuckle! Go Talker! You go little dude!