Monday, January 01, 2007

We are gluttons for punishment

Just got back at 4pm yesterday from an 800 mile round trip to Bro's house. 18 family members sleeping in the same house might be a few dozen too many. Eveyone had a good time and we ate like calves being fattened for slaughter. Good times.

On the 5 1/2 hour drive home, The Boss Lady and I spent most of the time discussing how we could possibly make another long road trip in March. It is only 1400 miles to Disneyland or 1100 miles to Disney World.

Anyone want to ride along? There is almost enough room between the kid's booster seats for Mini Me or Gary Coleman. If you need more space than that, I guess you can sit in The Boss Lady's lap.


Phil said...

We're thinking about a Disneyland trip in March... It's only 1200 miles. I've driven that about ten times, but only once with the two kids.

This time, I think we'll fly.

Mike said...

No flights for us this trip. We either get to drive or we get to wait another few years, to save up the airfare.

Not sure which one is more appealing right now.

Ginger said...

How much time are you going to have? I would definitely choose Disney World over Disney Land. Also, check out this website for road trip tips and games: