Monday, January 01, 2007

A blue start to the new year

The Boss Lady and I took a break from the Disney vacation negotiations long enough for her to decide it was time to paint the living room. We will soon have the blue-est living room on the block.

I got one wall completely finished in about three hours. The next wall is about half done. The last wall that will get painted is only a couple of feet surrounding a patio door, so it should be no problem. At some point in between now and then I'll have to deal with the third wall, also known as THE BIG WALL. It will take several hours on a ladder to get that one finished up. Oh joy.

I'll post some pics of the progress tomorrow.


Angel said...

I have a section of wall in my home office that is behind our huge desk that needs painted. Don't remind me because I don't look forward to that AT ALL. Well that and the formal living room needs painted. *sigh*

Good luck on the THE BIG WALL. I am left to wonder how blue is blue. :D I will wait for pictures.

Long Island Dad said...

Can't wait for the pics. Good Luck! Who needs Disney anyway -- home renovation is just like a vacation. Crack open a cold one, admire the "blue" -- looks just like the view of the lake from the Grand Floridian I say!

Mike said...

Half done.

Angel: Abour 5 years ago we started trying to pick colors for the living room. Finally decided this week.

So you still have some time to get your projects planned, I think.

LID: I like your theory, but for some reason, the kid's don't seem too.