Thursday, January 18, 2007

I feel the need to elaborate on

My last post. Why would two adults participate in such anti-social behavior? Chatting via the Internet instead of actually talking. Heck, we were only 15 feet apart.

Three reasons came to mind after I posted:

  • The Princess has decided to only sleep with her bedroom door open. And since our house is as small as a breadbox, if I say anything loud enough to be heard 15 feet away, the baby WILL hear it. Than she will respond by getting out of bed and coming to talk with us. And no one wanted that.
  • I am a nerd at heart. I know. You would never tell by looking. But finding another way to use my Google account makes me all googly moogly inside.
  • And most of all, the weather sucks. The Boss Lady was supposed to be home for a 3 day weekend, thanks to MLK Jr Day. But by the time I chatted her up, it was Wednesday night and we had been in the house since Sunday evening, thanks to a freakishly thick ice coating of the entire region. And honestly, I think we were sick of hearing each other's voices.
The Boss Lady headed back to work this morning. She has to work late and will be home some time before bedtime. The kids and I are off to the YMCA in a couple of hours. And the mountain of unfolded laundry that collected on the love seat during our 5 day incarceration will continue to grow. 'Cause folding is a sucker's bet. Why should I, when I can just dress the kids right out of the endless pile?

Looks like we are back to life as usual. Maybe I should email the wife and let her know...


Long Island Dad said...

I think it's shows great initiative to use all the technology available! Regarding the laundry -- that's my theory! Kids don't care about wrinkles why should I... it's not like there attending a wedding everyday. Sweatpants were made to be worn right out of the dryer.

Angel said...

I had to laugh about this post. Hubby and I used to IM each other, me in the office and him in the family room. Now I have a laptop and we talk both in the family room.

As to the laundry, that is funny. I don't mind folding the clothes, I just find it burdensome to put it away.... upstairs.... in the rooms.... in the drawers. But I do it. Darn OCD. Having the laundry around bothers me more than putting it away. We all have our vices and motivations. LOL

Have a great day!

Ginger said...

Now when my parents come to visit it is not unusual for all four of us to be sitting in my living room on our laptops. Now with google talk we can feel like we are really there. Hah!

Working Gal said...

I too subscribe to the laundry on the furniture habit. It is AtHomeHubby who keeps up with it much better than I. Our one big rule is that I am not to leave dry clean only clothes on the floor or anywhere in the vicinity of the laundry basket.

We once had a fight after he RUINED a lined suit skirt. He claimed I put it near the hamper - I claimed he should read the label...He won. Alas.

Mike said...

Ahh Yes, the eternal battle of the Stay at home dad vs the laundry hamper.

In my experience, it isn't the dad who wins (though if the dry clean clothes encroach inot the washed clothes area, he surely isn't wrong...) But it's the clothes that lose.

Every time.

other stay at home dad? said...

My first time to read your blog. I have to admit it is quite entertaining and I may become a local athomedaddy junkie. The shortened junking season was quite disappointing - I need some more deer proof stuff.

Mike said...

Hey, Other Dad, welcome to my 'hood.

We haven't hardly been out of the house all week. A trip to the children's museum today and the Y yesterday.

Yeah, I was hoping to score some DOG proof fence.