Saturday, January 27, 2007

New climbing wall

I have wanted to add a climbing wall to the kid's playscape since I first built it two years ago. Seems like every backyard playscape has one now. Plus, both kids have asked me to build one. And nothing gets stuff done around here than making dad feel guilty.

Pops bought some climbing wall rocks for The Talker's birthday. Once the rocks arrived, I started planning out the wall. Our kids are old enough that I felt like they could handle more of a challenge than the kit playscapes provide. Instead of a 45 degree incline, our new rock wall goes straight up the side of the playscape.

Of course, the wall is only about 5 feet high, so there isn't a lot of danger involved. And The Princess proved me right when she tackled the wall in her dress shoes!

I still have to work out the fall zone, so that they can climb when mom or I are not right with them, but this is a pretty good start.

I forgot to add earlier, in AtHomeDaddy style, the blue rocks were scrapped from the old playscape in Law Talking Guy's backyard. Yeah for junkin' up the playscape!


Long Island Dad said...

IMPRESSIVE! You Rock! (pun intended)

That is all, carry on!

Mike said...

Thanks. There is a little more to be done, but hopefully the kids can have fun while I finish up next week.

Terry said...

The many talents of an AtHomeDaddy!! You do ROCK!!

jd said...

This looks awesome, Mike! And as a rock climber, the Princess has some real skills!