Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We're off to see the mouse

I finally wore The Boss Lady down. The endless begging and pleading and maps and charts and spreadsheets worked. This morning we went online and bought our Disney World tickets. Now we just have to keep the kids (and their dad) from going too nuts during the next two months.

Thanks to Bro and his family, we are going to get to make this trip this spring. Hopefully we will be good room mates. And Bro, I'll do my best to keep the kids corralled and I'll try to keep The Boss Lady from swearing too much around your kids.

The only downside? Besides the huge hole that Walt and his roving gang of bank robbers are going to leave in our wallets? The almost 20 hour drive. With a 5 year old and an almost potty trained nearly 3 year old. (But she will still be able to get into the parks without a ticket!)

Makes you want to hop in the car with us and head to Florida, doesn't it?

And a side post that should be titled:

Well I am glad you cleared THAT right up...

The Princess told us tonight at dinner "I want to go to Cinderella's castle, now. But Cinderella doesn't want to see me naked."


Long Island Dad said...

Kudos, Congratulations and Condolences... Rest Stops=Daddy's Five Minutes of Freedom... Hmmmm... That's strange...Pictures of Chevy Chase and Wally World keep popping into my head for some reason.

Mike said...

Right! I think you just picked my next movie rental, Long Island Dad.

Angel said...

Cute statement by your daughter. What is it with little ones and the naked thing? LOL

Have fun at Disney World. We went a few years ago and my daughter was about 3-4. We had dinner in Cinderellas Castle where she had one on one time with Cinderella. I'll find that pic and post it later. She was awe struck (and we loved the prime rib. LOL)

Have fun! We did. The drive will be forgotten as you see the castle.

Phil said...

Great timing! We just bought our tickets to Disneyland. So, we'll be thinking of you across the continent. I'm as excited as my kids. I've been to Disneyland plenty of times, but never for more than one day. Having four solid days to explore the park should be an interesting (hopefully not overtiring) experience.

Rick said...

Good news. My blisters from our trip to DW have all healed.

Good luck to you.

Terry said...

Say "Hi" to Goofy for me. I told Rick to, but he only mentioned me to Mickey.. Dont let me down!!