Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Don't tell The Boss Lady

and I'll let you come over and enjoy the quiet.

The Princess coughed a few minutes before 7, so I was sure she was awake and roaming the house. The Boss was headed to the kitchen and I dove for the shower, hoping that the girl would be set up with breakfast and Sesame Street by the time I dried off.

5 minutes later, out of the shower and dressed, I ran around the house looking for the girls. The wife had already split for work and the girl is still in bed.

IN FACT, it is now 8:05 and BOTH kids are still asleep. So I am doing what any blogging at home parent does. Blogging, reading online and doing some laundry. Anything to keep from waking a child.


Long Island Dad said...

WOW, you really are the King, I bow to your greatness. Weekday, Shower, Sleeping Children, Time Alone -- 8:05 a.m. My Hero!

Mike said...

It's good to be da King.

Phil said...

8:05??? I haven't had one of those in awhile. Last time they were both asleep by then, I was running (softly, of course) around the house like Rocky Balboa on the steps in Philadelphia. Woo hoo!