Sunday, June 05, 2005

American Patriot and Sports Fan

A few minutes ago, while The Boss Lady was getting lunch ready in the kitchen and I was sharing news of my latest Ebay purchases with her, we lost track of the boy. He had been playing with playdough in the dining room, but he wasn't at the table anymore.

The Boss Lady and I found him standing silently beside the table. He would only whisper that "I'm just standing up". He would not say anything else.

Then I realized that 'The Star Spangled Banner' was playing on the local country radio station that was on in the living room. They play the national anthem everyday at noon, followed by 'The Eyes of Texas'.

Evidently, The Talker now requires that we all stand quietly at attention when it is on. And you won't get off easily after that. You better have your horns up and sing loud through 'The Eyes of Texas', or you'll have The Talker to deal with because this is Longhorn Country and he is here to defend it.


Anonymous said...

That is SO sweet! How respectful of him too. Good to get them started young about being patriotic AND about sports.

Rick said...

What did you get on ebay?

Mike said...

Plates for thew truck. $10 - Good deal.

And I am thinking about a set with a decent buy it now price.