Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dog Days of Summer, Part 10 - The Final Chapter

The furry cousins are now gone. We are going to spent the rest of the night letting The Talker throw Hot Wheels and plastic toys all over the house and yard. And he will be safe in the knowledge that they won't get eaten.

Dog sitting was a multi-purpose event for The AtHomeFamily. We wanted to watch the dogs because we miss having big furry creatures welcome us home. But also, we wanted The Talker to become more at ease with these guys. He has been sort of scared in the past, but that is all gone.

He loved having the girls stay over. The Princess is going to miss sharing her milk cup with the pups. The Boss Lady liked having the girls over, too. And me? I now remember how much work dogs really are, especially when they are this big.

So now, only one question remains, "When are we getting some of our own?"

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Ken said...

Just try not to get something that sheds too much. Our floors, couch and clothes all seem to be upholstered in Black-and-White-Border-Collie. But we would never give her up. And the kids love her.