Thursday, June 16, 2005

Is it OK...

to brag about how late the baby slept, even though she woke The Boss Lady up really early? It is OK, since The Boss Lady had to get up and go to work anyways, right?

I hardly woke up, in case you are worried. And The Princess? She slept until a time that rhymes with Hive after Ben O' Flock

But the worst part of the morning? She slept right through her morning nap... Dang.

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Katherine Zander said...

Only to close friends who will not squeal on you to Boss Lady. Otherwise, you're rubbing it in to a sleep-deprived woman who wants her own nap.

Trust me. I'm a "Boss Lady" myself (although I would never imagine my Hubby using that title for me, LOL).

Fun blog of yours!