Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Balance of Power

is seriously out of whack around here. The boys, AtHomeDaddy, The Talker and Other Kat always maintained control in this house, thanks to Big White Dog. Since he died, females have shared the control of the house.

But last night my cousins, Beautiful and Gorgeous spent the night with their girl puppies. Fuzzface and Furrbutt. Four extra females in this house? The other boys and I are scared. The three of us are hiding in the bedroom today.

And we are taking the TV remote with us!


Rick said...

Beautiful fuzzbutt and georgeous furface aren't listed in the cast of characters. I am so confused.

Mike said...

You think you are confused...

Dude, it is chaos around here. And it will be laugh a minute when the four legged girls stay for a week, starting in a few days.

And after being surrounded by females all day and a long evening at work, what did I get from The Talker?

A punch right in the nuts when I walked in the front door. He was playing Hide and Go Seek.

I lost.

(And I updated the Cast of Characters too...)