Friday, June 03, 2005

Splash Day!

The AtHomeFamily went to a new water park this morning to celebrate the start of The Boss Lady's Fridays off for the summer. This park is a water play area with giant sprinklers and water features that soak the kids while the water drains away. That way there is very little standing water, so the younger kids can get right in the middle of the action.

And action was everywhere this morning. The Princess was not too interested in playing in the water and at first neither was her brother. He warmed up to the idea and went crazy for an hour. The Princess ate snack for an hour.

She and I both think that snack trumps waterplay, everyday.

After water play we headed out to lunch at The Talker's favorite restaurant. The experience was much better than last time, when the boy barfed, I fell in it, I hurt my wrist and he got a popscicle and a change of clothes.

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