Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Dog Days of Summer, Part 9

The dogs have been bad. They ate the bouncy ball-hop that The Talker keeps in the backyard. I am not happy with them, but I am really ticked at myself. When they arrived, I looked around the yard and decide that there was no way they could destroy this toy. It is big enough for an adult to sit on and made of really thick rubber. So it stayed in the yard.

And now it is dead. I hid the carcass from The Talker, buried it in the kitchen trash under veggies. He'll never look there for it.

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Darth Daddy said...

Our backyard mutt has only claimed a few toys/items in her short time with us. The worst was when I inflated a moonwalk for Logan to play in (he screamed the entire time), and before enterting, we removed his shoes. They were brand new - a pair I picked out myself, and was very proud of. We forgot them outside, and found them the next mourning - one was ok - the other had been a chew toy. I was fit to be tied.