Wednesday, June 08, 2005

We Interrupt this Blog to bring you DSL

Kids? What kids?

Dogs? Our dog died. A few months back.

DSL? Yeah, that I got. The phone company turned it on today. And I have not left the computer all afternoon.

I hope The Boss Lady gets home soon. The kids are getting hungry and stinky and the dogs have to pee. But the back door and the bath tub are too far from the computer.

Did someone say "wireless network"?


Darth Daddy said...

Welcome to high speed!! I cant imagine ever going back to dialup.


Anonymous said...

I second Shannon's message. And we got a wireless network which is great. Now I just need to get a laptop so I can blog and surf from anywhere in our house or yard... or even at the coffee place down the street. And yes, this stuff is very dangerous. As my wife pointed out recently, it's a good thing these things weren't around when I was a SAHD or little CB would still be curled up in her crib, living off of bottled sugar water and not having left the apartment in 14 years...

Mike said...

Good ideas chip. Thanks for the SAHD advice.

Just kidding. The children will see the sun today. Friday at the latest.