Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dog Days of Summer, Part 1

Fuzzface and Furbutt are here for nine days. You can keep up to date with all of the fun and excitement by checking for subsequent blog posts.

So far, only one semi-panicked call late last night to remind us to keep extension cords away from the pups.

No problem. We don't want the baby and the puppies sharing toys, now do we? The kids get the electrical cords, the dogs get the squeaky toys, check.

And did you know it is really hard to water plants with golden retrievers in the yard? Yep. Both mutts ended up wet, I ended up wet and the plants ended up dry. Maybe I'll try again tonight.

Walks so far, 1. They both heeled nicely until they saw a cat, then my arm almost separated from my body. Score, AtHomeDaddy 1, Dogs 1

Things I want to know. Whose idea were the breakable dog dishes? And do you really think they will make it through the week? Might as well get the broom and mop ready to pick up the pieces...

Collateral Damage One plastic cup, it was put out of it's misery as a sandbox toy in a hideous manner. Burial services for the ex-cup will be handled by the city recyling crew.

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