Monday, June 20, 2005

She is Such a Comedian

The Princess knows comedy. She has become the queen of the all-time-bestest fake sneezes. They go something like this:

Ah Ah Ah AH AH AH AH choo - Which really builds and then leaves you wanting more, because she ends quietly.

Which is usually followed by:

Ah Ah Ah Ah CHOOO! - This is almost the opposite, she stays quiet until the big bang at the end.

Then there is the ever popular:

Ah CHOOO! - The quick-fire sneeze always makes 'em laugh.

But her favorite must be the random sneeze, which this morning in the grocery store was going like this:

AH CHOO! ah ah ah ah choo AH AH ah CHoo CHOO CHOO!- 15 minutes of that? Who would not laugh?

While she was really going, I started following people, just to see how long it would take them to notice. It never took more than a couple of good sneezes and they were always smiling or laughing back.

The fake sneeze, verbal slapstick perfected by a 14 month old comedic genius.

No, I was not stalking old ladies at the grocery store, our air conditioning is broken and it is HOT at home, so we have been out, running errands.

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