Friday, June 24, 2005

Redneck Moving Day

Big Trash Day is coming! This is the one chance every seven months that we have to dispose of things larger than our city issued trash can. So The AtHomeFamily makes it a big event. There are lots of people who toss usable, but unwanted things out for big trash day. There are also lots of people who cruise the neighborhood and pick up usable items. Us? We try to have the one pile in the neighborhood in which no one can find anything useful.

Yes, we occasionally pick stuff up, too. Those white plastic lawn chairs. Never have bought any but we have three or four on the back patio, thanks to big trash day!

But this weekend I may have the mother lode for big trash, a shed. My old Arrow building is about worn out. And I am getting a new shed soon. So this afternoon I emptied and moved the shed. It was quiet a show. I balanced the shed on top of my garden wagon and strapped it down. Then the wife steered while I pulled the wagon backwards. Here is an artistic rendering of the move. We are leaving it sitting on the wagon until our neighbor decides if he wants it. If not, off to the pile it goes.

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Anonymous said...

our town does that every ten years or so, with national reserve trucks, we loved it, we got to clear out all of the amazingly huge amount of junk the former owners of our house left. And people do put out amazing stuff, it was like an entire town-wide yardsale where everything was free!

That shed'll be quite the catch for whoever gets it!